Foundation Racing - Race Day Assistance

Race Day Checklist
 Any race event

The following content has been tailored for new competitors.

1, Before you arrive

Make sure you pack the following:
RACE LICENCE; Race suit; Race boots; Race Helmet, Race Gloves; Race Underwear.

2, When you arrive at the circuit

Your final instructions will show you where to park…

3, Signing on

See Final Instructions

4, Scrutineering

See Final Instructions

5, Make sure you know your practice and race times

See Final Instructions

6, Practice

See Final Instructions

7, Race

Information to come…

8, When your race has finished

Collect race results from Race Admin.

9, Attend the presentations as indicated.

Usually a race centre.

10, Before you leave don’t forget

Collect your RACE LICENCE

On race days call Ian on: 07780 994233

For advice on the run up to events or to subscribe to the scheme please call: 01202 567224 or 07780994233

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