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About Foundation Racing

Assisting new competitors in competition based series.

This is a new initiative set up by Ian Scruton & Ford Racing UK to help competitors new to motor racing and entering compact race car themed series i.e. Puma Cup or Compact Cup Series etc... Foundation Racing is a not-for-profit race assist group that will be attending event weekends, concentrating on Puma Cup and Fiesta racing.

It is a service for drivers who may be daunted by the unfamiliar environment of a busy race circuit. It will include help and guidance with the logistics and protocal of the weekend and with all aspects of 'how to go racing'.

Race Day Support

Foundation Racing may be found alongside the Ford Racing UK race centre and will help provide practical support for spares and time permitting, assisting with mechanical or bodywork repairs.

A small contribution for the service will allow Foundation Racing to carry spares and supply them on demand in the assistance programme. The contribution is set at £175per competitor for the whole weekend.

The scheme is expected to grow when the message has reached potential, but unsure to commit competitors. Puma Cup race cars and Fiesta Zetec S race cars represent probably the most cost effective way to go motor racing in the UK. Supported by this scheme motor racing has never been more accessible.

For advice on the run up to events or to subscribe to the scheme please call: 07780994233

On race days call Ian on: 07780 994233

Race Day Checklist

Your guide to what you need to do on race day. Easy to follow steps that takes the worry out of getting ready and allowing you to concentrate on the real business of racing.

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